PLAN Cosmetic Mirror by KEUCO

PLAN Cosmetic Mirror by KEUCO

The PLAN cosmetic mirror is always ready for use. It is as easy to operate as a hand mirror. Through the double hinge integrated discreetly in the design it can be adjusted to any desired position in all three dimensions. It is not even necessary to touch the mirror head. With the long swivelling arm it is simply placed flat against the wall again after use.

The cosmetic mirror is at the top of the scale for popular everyday beauty care accessories, both at home or in a hotel. Thanks to innovative joint technology, the KEUCO PLAN cosmetic mirror is perfectly attuned to the wishes of the viewer. The double-sided mirroring - with single mirroring and fivefold magnification - and the slim, elegant design leave nothing to be desired. 

You can twist and turn it however you want: more flexibility is not possible. The PLAN cosmetic mirror shines above all with its sophisticated joint technology, so that it can be flexibly adjusted to three dimensions. 

The cosmetic mirror is available in shiny chrome, aluminium finish and elegant matt black.

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