Outdoor Special by Porcelaingres

Outdoor Special by Porcelaingres

The outdoor range by Porcelaingres has now been expanded with special pieces and new products that can help you craft new solutions—not just for gardens, pools and terraces, but for public areas as well.

Outdoor special is a catalogue for architects, designers and private individuals who wish to craft unique outdoor solutions, as it can create continuity with indoor décor. In addition to choosing the same flooring for indoor and outdoor, there is also the option of creating matching furnishings.

A broad selection of colours, finishes and surfaces, including stone, concrete and wood, designed to inspire and provide full freedom of expression, thanks to the strength and reliability of 20 mm thick high-tech porcelain stoneware.

The versatility of this material thus offers the opportunity to create fully custom outdoor and urban areas, giving leeway to personal creativity and suited to the spectrum of individual styles.

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