Horizontal Shower ATT by Dornbracht

Horizontal Shower ATT by Dornbracht

The wellness shower experienced lying down

With the HORIZONTAL SHOWER ATT, experience a water massage and the ultimate feeling of well-being.

Lying on your stomach or on your back, the innovative reclining shower offers a completely new sense of well-being and relaxation – tension is relieved, daily stress is eliminated and the body and mind is revitalised.
Lying down, you can forget the world completely. The water falls gently and without pressure on the body, creating a completely new sensation, a shower experience of well-being.

Together with experts from the health and wellness sector, Dornbracht has developed exclusive signature treatments – perfectly coordinated water choreographies that you can enjoy at the touch of a button. Whether you are looking for relaxation in the evening or revitalisation in the morning, these Exclusive Treatments offer a wellness experience to suit your needs.

BALANCING – The hydromassage moves along the body with alternating hot and cold showers of rain, in opposite directions from the shoulders and soles of the feet to the centre of the body. This gentle caressing of the body creates a soothing, balancing effect.

ENERGIZING – This Signature Treatment has an invigorating effect on body and mind thanks to the cascade-like caress of the water. Fine showers of water are followed by intense rain, followed by fine showers of water. This Signature Treatment revitalises with several temperature changes.

DE-STRESSING – You enjoy this Signature Treatment lying on your back. Raindrops fall evenly from your shoulders to your feet, while the water temperature is slowly and steadily increased. A stress-relieving, deeply relaxing hydromassage.


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