CYO by Dornbracht

CYO by Dornbracht

A new form of elegance

Dornbracht, a leading supplier of high quality mixers, showers and accessories for bathrooms, spas and kitchens, presents CYO, its new series of bathroom solutions. Inspired by a sketch filed at the company dating back to 1969, the new model represents the spirit of that era with a design language that is both familiar and innovative - future-oriented.
Central to the faucet's design is the reinterpreted archetype of the C spout that defines CYO's extravagant silhouette and sculptural quality. The basic shape of the circle is maintained throughout the series - from elements such as the handles to the jet of water, which follows the shape of the spout.

A special feature of the elements selected for CYO are the bi-available finishes that combine glossy and matte surfaces. They accentuate the lines and, as a subtle contrast, give the design an added sophistication. Furthermore, it offers the possibility of individualization with six exclusive special finishes.

The design of the central elements defines the entire range of products - washbasin, bathtub and shower - which is complemented by the corresponding accessories, in an overall harmonious image throughout the environment.

Balanced proportions and rigorous precision form the progressive and unmistakable character that gives CYO a strong personality. The design thus follows the principles defined by Dornbracht, which form the basis of each of its designs and determine the lasting quality of its products.

One of the highlights of this series is the very unique command. On the one hand, it highlights new attributes, as it is operated by means of a rotating outer ring. The user enjoys a judicious and tactile effect every time he turns the control. On the other hand, it offers a vast and inspiring selection of controls in various finishes, designs and materials, including, for example, textures or natural stone, offering consumers design freedom.

“There is no future without origin”, resumes Stefan Gesing, Managing Director of Dornbracht AG & Co. KG: “CYO represents both a look into the past and into the future, and thus fulfills the motto 'Leading Designs for Architecture'” .

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