Our world is the world of architecture and design. We soon realized that it was a demanding and sophisticated universe, where only the ability to develop and provide innovative, high quality solutions would enable us to fulfill our vocation.

We believe in generational responsibility for the future. We are sensitive to ecological urgency and therefore our priority is to develop environmentally and ecologically sustainable solutions.


about gama uno

We are a living company that maintains its capacity for motivation, innovation and service intact, converging in a collective energy that generates technical and human resources that make us a safe solution.

Our stability is due to the solidity of a team that is motivated to face challenges and the good results that are achieved, but always in line with the changes that the future imposes.



Foundation of Gama Uno

Gama Uno originated from an artistic activity in ceramics, but soon revealed a clear vocation for distributing products from important international brands with a focus on architecture and design.


Creation of the Dune Brand

Gama Uno's innovative sense led it to actively participate in the creation and development of what would become an important group in the ceramics sector worldwide, the Dune Cerâmica Group.


Export Market - Brazil

Beginning of exports, to the Brazilian market, of technical and decorative pieces for the ceramic industry sector.


Headquarters and warehouse - Estoril

Expansion of facilities to respond to market and company growth.


Start of promotion in Architecture projects

With experience, we realized that our world was the world of architecture and decoration. Being demanding and sophisticated, it would challenge our ability to develop and provide new solutions of high aesthetic and technical quality, which would enable us to fulfill our vocation.


Headquarters and warehouse - Torres Vedras

New facilities to support the expansion resulting from the company's intense growth.


Headquarters Showroom - Torres Vedras

Opening of the Showroom for professionals at the headquarters in Torres Vedras, in order to support projects with architects and promoters.     


Export Market - Angola

Beginning of exports, to the Angolan market, of ceramic and sanitary tiles, for the development of real estate projects and developments.


Point of Experience Lapa - Lisbon

Inauguration of Point of Experience Lapa in Lisbon, a space at the service of creativity and innovation, which seeks to promote experiences and solutions that inspire architecture and design.


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